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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 20, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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drugstores requiring its workers to report their weight and body fat if they want insurance, otherwise, they face a stiff financial penalty, big legal questions on this. we'll have more on that story just ahead. and boy, were we bowled over by this story, a $3 yard sale bargain that scored one family a massive payday. wait till you see how much this little old bowl turned out to be worth. >> ding, ding, ding. we want to turn now to the chilly blast freezing half our country. our sam champion better available answers on this the official first minute -- >> 35 seconds into spring, ladies and gentlemen. 35, 35 seconds. you knew because it was a little tingle that started somewhere down near your feet and it started working all the way up to your body. it's the vernal equinox where it goes across the equator. we'll show you how spring is split in the country this year, though. it's a very unusual pattern. last year we were already in
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warm numbers. look at the west, the flowers are coming up. everything is fine. look at the east. you're encountering the snow we've had and flowers have a little bit of an issue, more than a snow issue but a cold air issue. this is the snow that was still falling in massachusetts late last night into early this morning so there's still a fresh coating there. now, yes, part of the country is holding on to warmer temperatures. l.a. at 69 today. denver at 62. dallas, at 69 degrees, but look north because this cold blast doesn't just stay there, it spreads and, as a matter of fact, we've got a big loop in the jet stream because of what we call a greenland block. when that area of high pressure takes away that cold air that's around greenland it squeezes it around and shoves itself down into the eastern half of the country for the next few weeks so if you're waiting for springlike temperatures you'll have to wait for them for a while longer, anywhere from the great lakes to the middle part of the country, to the mid-atlantic and northeast. we're looking like these numbers early this morning. washington, d.c., 39. detroit, 26 so we see the opportunity of one more
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snowstorm, maybe more than that moving across the country by the time we get into next week so spring for just part of the country. >> happy, happy spring, everybody. >> all right, sam. thank you. we are learning more this morning about the chilling massacre plot at the university of central florida. the alleged attacker reportedly ordering $700 worth of weapons online. police revealing that he left behind a terrifying to-do list where he outlined the damage he was planning. abc's matt gutman is in orlando with the very latest on this. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. we know that he would meticulously check items off and one of the last one, pulling the fire alarm to try to get hundreds of students in here and begin shooting. police don't know why he didn't follow through but they do know he had an arsenal prepared. this morning, the heart-pounding video. police stumbling across what they say was a failed massacre at the university of central florida. you're seeing video shot through body-mounted cameras.
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cops bursting into james oliver seevakumaran's room late sunday, look closely, the pistol, the automatic rifle, bombs in the backpack and we're learning how much worse it might have been. police say seevakumaran sent himself packages. they arrived tuesday morning after his death. >> what was in the mail waiting for the deceased were two .22 round magazines, a black hawk tactical sling and there was also a training dvd. >> reporter: but most explosive perhaps this checklist. ending with two items, fire alarm and give them hell. the suspected shooter pulled this fire alarm, down, went back into his unit here and then he grabbed his gun. police arrived with the help of this 911 call. >> my roommate just pulled a fire alarm and he's got a gun out. >> reporter: the gunman's roommate arabo babakhani. and he slammed the door.
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police say babakhani helped prevent a massacre. now, about 100,000 students go to this university and this morning there's still questions. how did the student manage to get so many weapons into that dorm room. amy? >> so many questions, matt gutman, thanks so much. now to abc's paula faris for the other top stories developing at this hour. paula, good morning. >> good morning, as you mentioned a significant trip for the commander in chief, president obama just arrived in israel, his first visit as president. prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed him with a hug, he's using the trip to reaffirm the commitment to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon. for those who think the relations have been strained listen to the video. the israeli embassy just posted it. ♪ thank you for being a friend >> yes, that is "the golden girls" theme "thank you for being a friend."
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the president also plans to meet with palestinian leaders in aftereffort to restart peace talks. in neighboring syria both sides in the bloody civil war are now claiming chemical weapons have been used for the first time, but the white house says there is no evidence yet to prove that. president obama has warned of possible u.s. military intervention if such weapons are used. and a big development from another global hot spot, the korean peninsula. overnight the big banks and tv stations in south korea were paralyzed after an apparent cyberattack. north korea is the main suspect. and here at home, autism may be far more widespread than we thought. a new government survey of parents found that 1 in 50 school-age children has some form of autism. a previous study said it was more like 1 in 88. this report found a significant number of children have been diagnosed at older ages. and look at this. a dramatic scene in new york. a worker trapped up to his chest
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in mud for four hours finally pulled above ground overnight. more than 150 firefighters helping with that rescue. the man was working in a subway tunnel trench when the walls caved in. he is expected to be okay. speaking of dramatic, look at what happened when the mayor of kansas city, missouri, was giving his state of the city address. a disgruntled man storms the stage shouting obscenities, police eventually tackled him to the ground. yes, down he goes. but that was nothing compared to this overseas, an all-out brawl in ukraine's parliament. there they go. just another day in parliament. started when a member of the ruling party delivered a speech in russian instead of ukrainian. >> wow. and finally, yeah, like most of us, president obama has filled out his march madness brackets and first he explained to our friends at espn why he's picking syracuse over unlv. >> good match but i like
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syracuse, mainly because biden told me if i didn't pick them he wouldn't talk to me. i think louisville this year has the horses to go real far. i'm going to have to go to ohio state. i think craft's defense is unbelievable and i think in a tournament like this that makes a big difference. i'm going with florida. i just don't -- i don't want people thinking that i'm only big ten all the time. this is a great game but i think indiana is going to pull it out. i think this will be close. >> wow! >> so who is he picking to go all the way? he'll have to watch "sportscenter" at 9:00 a.m. eastern. they're calling barack-etology. two teams from the big ten in the final four. >> look, sam, you called it. indiana. >> did i really? >> look at you. >> yes, you did. >> of course. >> hoosiers, sam, well done. terrific. >> all right. thank you. now to the latest as we switch gears on the mortar blast that killed seven marines in a live fire training exercise.
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military investigators are now scrambling to figure out what went wrong. abc's abbie boudreau has the latest. >> reporter: what began as a routine nighttime training exercise in the nevada desert monday evening turned into a real-life disaster killing seven marines and injuring eight others. >> the marines were conducting live fire and maneuver training. at about 9:55 p.m. last night, a mortar round exploded in the tube. the marines were launching 60-millimeter mortars when the small bomb detonated in the tube causing the deadly explosion. the ammo in question is now being suspended worldwide while the incident is being investigated. >> two potential problems. one could have been human error and the second could have been some sort of mechanical failure where the bomb went off prior to the point where it should have. >> reporter: the hawthorne army depot is located 140 miles southeast of reno and is
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considered an ideal training facility for special forces preparing to deploy. [ playing "taps" ] >> reporter: hundreds of community members gathered to mourn the loss. >> for those guys to lose their lives the way they did in a training exercise, it was horrible. >> my heart goes out to them. it's a hard thing no matter what. >> reporter: the names of the marines have not been released yet, bewe do know that they're all under the age of 30. they just want answers so that this kind of accident can be avoided in the future. >> such a sad story. abbie boudreau, thank you. well, anger is tipping the scales at one of the nation's largest drugstore chains. cvs making it mandatory for workers to report weight and body fat if they want to keep getting the company's health insurance or face a $600 penalty. abc's steve osunsami has the story.
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>> reporter: cvs, with nearly 200,000 workers, told everyone using their health plan they have until may 1st, 2014, to get to a doctor and measure their weight. height, blood pressure and other levels. employees who agree see no change but those who refuse will pay an extra $50 a month for health insurance. >> it's technology-enhanced discrimination on steroids. >> reporter: the critics are having a field day calling this coercion and worrying that cvs and any other company might start firing sick workers. >> the approach they're taking is based on the assumption that somehow these people need a whip. they need to be penalized in order to make themselves healthy. >> reporter: the company says this is voluntary and it never sees the test results. in an e-mail overnight they explained that their benefits program is evolving, to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and managing health-associated costs. >> the goal of these kinds of programs is to end up with a healthier workforce.
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if your employees are healthy, they're going to work better and they're going to cost the employer a lot less money. >> reporter: cvs points out it's not alone and on the internet we found them. is my company's wellness program legal? the plan is called voluntary but it seems anything but. brad seth found it's perfectly legal and sued broward county when they charged him $40 more a month for health insurance, after he refused health screenings and he lost in court. >> i know many people who worked for broward county that said i don't want to do this but this is a tank of gas to me. >> reporter: they're saying their employees do not to worry, saying that doctors give the test results to an independent company and that cvs never sees them. josh? >> okay, much more to come here. thank you for that, steve. we'll going to turn to the escalating scandal swirling over
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lululemon. retailer pulling loads of yoga pants off the shelves because they are, shall we say, too revealing. abc's linzie janis is here with the latest. >> yoga pants scandal really exposing -- >> oh. >> -- serious criticism today where people saying it should not have let this happen. the company promising to get to the bottom of exactly how it ended up selling the extra skimpy bottoms. there's a chill in the air this morning and it might just blow through those teeny tiny and now see-through yoga pants. lululemon, the maker of high-end yoga gear, is recalling a whole batch of women's bottoms because they're too sheer. >> now, there is a shortage of yoga pants and i know this sounds like a joke but for white people it isn't a joke. >> reporter: customers became furious when they discovered they'd been doing downward dogs and baring all to their fellow yoganistas. some of them taking to the
7:13 am
internet to vent. one tweeting i'm speechless. another woman saying "yoga fail." "a girl in my yoga class did not get the lululemon see-through pants memo." >> i took back a pair of pants that were see-through. >> reporter: had you worn them? >> yeah, i had. >> it makes the consumer think am i getting my best bang for the buck. >> reporter: at around $100 a pop this is no joke. lululemon is apologizing, they're saying we're doing everything we can to fix the problem and replace these key items as quickly as possible. the company admits the damage to its finances will be significant. stripping as much as $20 million off earnings in the combing -- coming months. the revealing pants account for a reported 17% of all women's yoga pants at its more than 200 stores. >> bend the knee. >> reporter: but if lululemon is to fully recover it'll have to do more than cover up its customers. convincing them they'll never be caught with their proverbial pants down again. so lululemon shares closed 3%
7:14 am
lower on tuesday, as wall street analysts questioned how the company's management could have allowed this to happen. the company is not having a good year, shares down 16% since january 1st. while the rest of the market, of course, is on a tear. >> all right, linzie, i'll hand this right to you. we're going to go to one big fishy tale. two men off the coast of florida snagging something so big they originally thought it was a submarine but guess what, it was a great white shark and it was all caught on tape. abc's gio benitez has their story. >> ooh, there he is right there. right here. >> reporter: for two fishermen it is a catch of a lifetime. >> oh, my god, it's huge! >> reporter: what they say appear to be a giant shark weighing as much as 3,000 pounds on the end of their line. 30 miles off the coast of florida. near tampa. the massive predator struggles to get loose and fab is holding
7:15 am
on tightly to his fishing rod. >> i wasn't going to give up. my stubbornness and determination helped me. >> reporter: the battle, he says, went on for three hours. captain joe maisoni was by his side. >> can't believe jaws was swimming around. >> just incredible. my whole thing was i wanted to get that thing in and i wanted to make sure that we had a picture of it. >> reporter: and, boy, did they. capturing this video as the drama unfolded on friday. >> it looked like a submarine with a tail. >> that is huge. >> that's huge, man. >> reporter: in the end it was too big and illegal to kill. so the pair of fishermen turned sea warriors and let the shark go. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: but with so much digital trickery online, what did the two men say to people who think the video is fake? >> i really don't care what they think because i was there. it's live like i -- i really
7:16 am
don't care what people think right now. i know it's true. it happened. >> reporter: whether or not this is the king of the sea, these guys say it was a moment to remember. gio benitez, abc news, miami. >> they're going to need a bigger boat. >> oh! good one. >> yes. good morning, everybody. well, let's start with where -- start with where spring isn't. how's that? >> ah. >> we'll start about the snowfall because this has been kind of an amazing march, where the eastern half of the nation, a lot colder than normal and a lot of cities like new york to boston, all the way back to minneapolis, are actually above their seasonal snowfall level to this point. last year this is where the snow wasn't in march. we had very warm temperatures, temperatures getting into the 70s all the way to the northern borders. this year we've got all that brand-new snow cover that exists from the dakotas well into maine and into northern illinois, northern indiana and northern
7:17 am
ohio as well. here's where the cities are showing warmer temperatures. phoenix at 86 degrees. l.a. at 69 degrees. josh's particularly asking about las vegas at 79. denver, 62. albuquerque at 66 so all this warm air is on the boards but there's plenty of cold air and atlanta even though you're 59 today we'll show you in the next couple of 30-minute sessions where this cold air is dropping down even into your location.
7:18 am
>> you see signs of spring, tweet us that picture. we'll put it on this morning. josh. >> i feel like a yule log. coming up here -- music's hottest couple call it quits. why the fireworks may be over for katy perry and john mayer. and courtroom clash at the so-called breakup murder trial and the prosecutor tearing apart the testimony of the psychologist who diagnosed jodi arias with ptsd. dan and nancy here to weigh in live. very, very fine house. ♪
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yeah, that sounds good. oh my gosh no, no don't look at me don't you look at me there's only one place to get more jt. ♪ >> now from abc7 news, i am eric thomas much we follow breaking news from the delta where fire crews are battling a stubborn health fire. contra costa county fire officials say three structures have burned on taylor road. the fire started at one home at 2:30, and it spread to another and it is still burning. power lines brought pg&e to cut
7:23 am
off power to some. >> early accident at san mateo bridge westbound beyond the toll has been cleared. traffic is moderate as you move toward the foster city side of things. we have a couple of accidents, one if fremont making your way southbound, 880 at thornton with injuries and four vehicles involved and one is still blocking a lane of traffic and west 24, left lane is blocked in that area. >> when we come
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>> we are back with live doppler 7 hd. can you see half moon bay south
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with another batch of rain moving on the peninsula coast headed to the peninsula. we have light rain toward slay low and up 80 but that is it with mostly sprinkles. we will get more rain in the morning. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's the it is mild. periods of rain through the morning. a few scattered showers in the afternoon. temperatures are well below temperatures are well below average in the upper [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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you're yes and no you're in and you're out ♪ wow, hot and cold. katy perry, john mayer, have these two fireworks finally fizzled? as we bid you a good morning, america, lots to get to. as you can see, george and robin, well-deserved time off. great to have paula and amy. >> thanks so much. we'll have the latest on the breakup murder trial. the prosecutor tearing into the testimony of the psychologist who diagnosed jodi arias with ptsd. dan and nancy are weighing in live in just moments. also coming up, katie holmes on life after tom cruise and a possible career switch just ahead. we'll explain. in america, we give you the true super bowl, the real super bowl, literally. how much would you pay for this little bowl? well, one family paid $3, but
7:29 am
wait till you find out -- i think it was $3. wait till you find out what it's worth. >> a lot, lot more. all right, sam, we can't wait to get to that. first to the explosive day in court at the so-called breakup murder trial. the prosecutor grilling a psychologist for jodi arias' defense and raising serious questions about his testimony. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no, i don't. i'm speculating. >> reporter: this psychologist could have used some therapy by the time prosecutor juan martinez got done with him. >> made it up. speculated. >> clinical judgment, sir. >> reporter: dr. richard samuels diagnosed jodi arias with posttraumatic stress disorder and killing her ex-boyfriend was so stressful on her, she can't remember it. >> i have no memory of stabbing him. >> reporter: but the psychologist admits arias lied to him during that ptsd test. back then she was saying two intruders murdered alexander and later admitted she killed him
7:30 am
but claims it was in self-defense. >> she experienced the trauma even though she was telling the story different from what happened so this test reflects her internal struggle, her internal emotional state and in my opinion is perfectly valid. >> reporter: but martinez would have none of it. he accused dr. samuels of being a hired gun who didn't administer the test correctly. >> for $250 an hour you say you weren't paying enough attention to put whatever else was needed on -- >> i reviewed the report numerous times and must admit i missed it. >> reporter: then misinterpreted the results to help the defense. >> the 75 doesn't mean anything. >> right, it doesn't mean anything, that's why they threw it in there, right? >> you're misinterpreting -- >> i studied these tests for years. >> reporter: the prosecutor believes arias planned the brutal murder of her ex and is pretending she doesn't remember to keep her off death row. when the doctor was unclear about something martinez took
7:31 am
the opportunity to ask him the question he asked arias countless times. >> do you have any problems with your memory? >> no, i do not have problems with my memory. >> reporter: samuels will be back on the stand to answer more questions this time from the jurors who will decide jodi arias' fate. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> for more now we bring in our legal team, nancy grace the host of "nancy grace" on hln and dan abrams. i want to start with you, nancy. the prosecutor tearing into the expert conceding a lot of points. quite simply how big a blow was this to the defense? >> well, it's a huge blow. especially following jodi arias on the stand and i've got to tell you she did fairly well on direct examination. she started falling apart on cross-examination. but then when the jury started asking her questions, it was so bad she actually got a cold sore in the middle of the jury questioning.
7:32 am
this was supposed to -- this testimony by the expert, dr. dick samuels, was supposed to tie all that together and make sense of it. instead, he was carved up like a thanksgiving turkey and made out to be either a liar or incompetent. >> yeah, this didn't go well. there's no question, yeah, for the defense. >> it went really bad. >> yes, it did not go well, but the question is, did they really need this kind of witness? meaning this is a very tough defense to get a scientific explanation for, right? so i think the defense might have been better off by just having jodi arias' testimony out there. i don't agree with nancy that it was quite as bad in terms of the falling apart -- >> oh, really gentleman. >> because, look, her basic account is the tough part for her. i think -- >> did you see that cold sore? >> i'm not certain what the relevance of the cold sore is. you've mentioned it now twice.
7:33 am
>> stress from jury questioning. >> i guess. >> come on. you've got a doctor, right? how often has your urologist sent you greeting cards? i mean this doctor on the stand is sending her greeting cards, sending her books as presents and it came out almost at the very beginning that he was reprimanded and fined professionally in new jersey for bartering his services for dental work. >> yeah. look, the reality is that if jodi arias had testified and they had just left it out there and maybe a juror or two bonded with her in some way, that would be a huge win for the defense. by calling this guy to the stand and having him attacked and cross-examined and undermined the way he has been, the defense i think is in an even tougher spot. if any of the jurors were thinking, well, maybe it could be and then they hear this guy get attacked the way he did, i think the defense is now taking
7:34 am
a step back rather than a step forward. >> nancy, the defense expert now as you mentioned juror questions, he will be facing some later. reportedly they have submitted very many for them. what do you expect to see today? >> basically it'll be take no enemies questioning because that jury does not hold back. they ask all the questions we want to ask and here's the problem with not calling an expert. this is a mental defense for jodi arias. >> it's a self-defense defense. >> suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome and does not recall what happened. that is part, dan, of a very complicated self-defense, and they have to call an expert, a medical expert. >> no, they don't. >> otherwise, that can be brought up on cross-examination and it can also be brought up in closing arguments. >> yeah. >> nonproduction of a vital
7:35 am
witness -- i'm sorry. i'm having a problem hearing. i keep hearing dan in my ear. >> i know because every once in a while the corrections are necessary, so that's what you're earring in your ear like saying, nancy, you got that one wrong. yeah. >> we have lots to get to. jodi arias spent 18 days on the stand and we'll discuss that and many more things to come here, dan and nancy, thank you very much. time now for another look at the weather and our samuel j. sam? >> we'll start with the western areas that are picking up a brand-new hit of rain and a little bit of mountain snow with this thing. this area of low pressure becomes important because it splits off to another low that will be sitting, well, you could call this near branson, missouri . that's the next low we're talking about moving across the country to form a wintery storm from the chicago area toward the northeast by the time we get into the first part of next week and it's
7:36 am
got cold air to deal with. watch it drop down. washington, d.c. just a quick note, they have now shifted where the blossoms, the cherry blossoms will be from march 23rd, march 26th >> all that weather was brought to you by home depot. i didn't mean to rush that but the cherry blossoms delayed until april 3. >> oh, well. >> lots to get to. katy perry, john mayer, bought her a ring, she met the parents. have they called it quits? >> uh-oh. struggling to be the perfect parent. why some are finding the answer inside a pill bottle right now. ♪ my gosh ♪ i'm wide awake
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♪ i'm wide awake time is 7:42. what is looking like a blockbuster split for music's biggest stars, two at least. are their romantic fireworks finally over for katy perry and john mayer? the brand-new issue of "people" revealing the once inseparable couple have been spending time apart, and john muller has the latest. >> john, what is going on? >> all right, lara, this comes as a bit of a surprise. she introduced him to her parents. he bought her a ring as a gift.
7:41 am
but this pop power couple appear to have grown apart. ♪ on the concrete falling from cloud nine ♪ >> it appears pop princess katy perry and singer/songwriter john mayer have fallen off cloud nine. after just seven months, the duo appear to have split again possibly explaining this cryptic frustrated tweet from perry, "attention, mercury is out of retrograde today. thank god." ♪ baby you're a firework >> reporter: their on again/off again romance again began again last summer and in september were seemingly inseparable. >> in the last couple of weeks people noticed they hadn't spent much time together. >> reporter: as recently as two weeks ago, perry tweeted "my boyfriend is taking me to a kitten shelter in his truck. i can't think of a more perfect saturday." she confessed in her movie "katy perry the movie: part of me" that she longs for a partner who isn't threatened by her success
7:42 am
leading some to speculate this may have contributed to the split. >> they won't be threatened or have weird motives or whatever. they will be accepting of me, the things i love, the ambition, what i aspire to. >> reporter: but sources say the pair were very compatible. >> they talked about music, that they wanted to watch all the oscar movies together. their relationship was a romantic one. ♪ >> reporter: mayer's heart couldn't keep loving a string of a-list ex-girlfriends including jennifer love hewitt, jessica simpson and jennifer aniston. >> john mayer recently talked about the fact that he recently developed the capacity to love and it's with this capacity he moves forward with katy perry. ♪ get away >> reporter: but for now their careers will keep them apart. the 35-year-old music heartbreaker is gearing up for his upcoming tour while perry is back in the studio working on her next album. spokespeople for katy perry say they don't comment on her personal life and john mayer's reps have not responded.
7:43 am
if it's the end you might think katy perry will take a page from taylor swift and write a breakup song. would be fireworks of a different kind because john mayer could do the same thing. lara. >> i'm thinking it may be too early to give up hope on these two. their first breakup only lasted a couple of weeks. i'm the ultimate optimist and i want to say if you haven't seen that katy perry movie, so inspiring. i just love that. anyway, coming up, it is the little dish that is the real deal. a family thought they were buying, you know, a pretty little bowl for $3 at a garage sale. oh, worth so much more. we'll tell you coming up. the "play of the day," we're mixing soccer and bicycles. what do you get when you do it? sam is about to find out.
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> love this one.
7:48 am
>> you know i love the beautiful game of soccer and now there's another way to love the game. turns out in germany they play cycle ball. exactly what you might think. two teams of two and you can't use anything. you have to use the wheels and shoot. and so it's going -- sam and paula have drawn -- >> you can't rip on soccer. he loves it. go, sam. >> let's go. >> that's not what this is. >> let's go. that's not. why did you make it more difficult? >> give it to them. >> at least the ball out here. so we can go. come on, paula. come on. come on. let's go. >> sam. >> it's not -- >> let's go. >> it doesn't work. >> well done, sam. >> this is going about as well as i thought it was. >> go. >> come on.
7:49 am
>> defense. >> let sam score. >> today, sam. here we go. >> get it in. >> oh. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard,
7:50 am
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7:53 am
one young lad asked kate upton to prom. what happened? find out.
7:54 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. classes will resume at center point christian preschool after a week long shut down after an instructor allegedly tape add 2-year-old girl's ankles for refusing to tape a nap. the d.a. will decide did she will face charges. >> live doppler 7 hd shows light-to-moderate rain falling on the if peninsula south of san mateo headed toward sunnyvale. this will move in to the south bay so be ready for another round of rain the forecast, periods of rain today, temperatures in the 50's and we will be dry tomorrow. sue? >> southbound 680, bumper to bumper, walnut creek, it is very, very slow, and virtually stopped as you make the turn at north main with an early accident the reason why, there,
7:55 am
well talk about that, 24 westbound, an accident, and an accident, now, southbound at spencer and
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa oh, look at everybody out there. it's like spring break. >> except it's winter. >> no swimsuits. >> on their way to the beach. joining us here on "good morning america." that's a robust and hearty crowd and, boy, do we appreciate them and all of you as we bid you a good wednesday morning as you see in here, george and robin, some well-deserved time off. great to have amy robach and paula faris here. and it is the first full day of spring. half the country says, prove it. so who do we blame? lots of fingers being pointed. no, at that guy. >> oh, that guy. >> punxsutawney phil got it all wrong. >> of course, i'm pointing my finger at this guy. there you go. >> oh. >> why? >> he's just a messenger. >> no, no.
7:59 am
>> he's just a messenger. >> stop picking on sam, please. >> it is your fault but sorry, my bad. my bad, sam. yeah. >> sam, you did say it was going to end soon. >> you did. you said that three weeks ago. >> yeah, you said it wasn't even going to snow like -- >> i can't fight you all. i've got nothing. i have nothing. i have nothing. >> we don't blame you. we love you. and you know what, we will warm america up with this program. >> yes. >> ah! >> where's lara? what have you done with lara? >> i just threw up in my mouth. >> ooh. >> all right. katie holmes is opening up about life after tom cruise, whether or not she wants to expand her family and also hinting at a possible career change, so we'll have all of that for you coming up. also coming up, pretty controversial here. struggling to be the perfect parent. we'll tell you what has become in some cases the new mommy's little helper. >> yeah. >> ooh. >> that seems extreme. this might also be a little extreme. people are going to extremes for
8:00 am
an unforgettable proposal. take a look at one that happened right outside our studio doors complete with a bollywood flash mob. >> oh, wow. >> as long as they say yes, it's fantastic. we're going to take you inside. that's not all, the most extreme and expensive ways to say, will you marry me. >> the problem is then you have to actually have the wedding which you've already set the bar this high. >> i know. speaking of high he's the high-end designer dressing hollywood's hottest stars from julianne moore to rachel weisz now derek lam is here with a first look at the brand-new collection everyone can afford. can't wait for this. >> looking forward. >> terrific. >> but first we turn to paula faris with the top developing stories of the morning. a story happening right now. we begin with breaking news. a man hunt under way right now in colorado after the head of the state's prison system was shot and killed at his home overnight. the gunman rang the doorbell and shot tom clements when he came to the door.
8:01 am
clements was executive director of the state's corrections department. police have not identified a suspect. president obama is reassuring the world relations with israel remain strong despite past references. he arrived this morning on his first visit to israel since taking office but at the airport microphones picked up a comment the president may have wanted to keep private. >> it's good to get away from congress. >> yeah, we heard that. during this trip the president will be discussing the growing nuclear threat from iran and will also meet with palestinian leaders in hopes of jump-starting peace talks. ♪ new insight this morning on pope francis and his possible willingness to compromise on controversial issues. "the new york times" says while he was a cardinal in argentina, the pope told a private meeting of bishops that he would support civil unions for gay couples calling it, quote, the lesser of two evils" compared to gay marriage. and more problems for carnival cruise line, that ship
8:02 am
stranded in the gulf of mexico for five days last month will now be out f service longer than first thought. the "triumph" won't be repaired until june 10. so ten more cruises have to be canceled. and look at this. a routine traffic stop in michigan ended up being anything but routine. officers popping the trunk and look what jumps out. >> whoa. >> there'sen explanation. the driver hit a deer, thought it was dead so he put it in his trunk but the deer was very much alive and strong enough to run back into the woods. good for bambi. and now diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane. >> hello, paula. it's great to talk to you again, and tonight on "world news," we are watching out for taxpayer dollars. here's a question, can we get action tonight on the billions of dollars we found spent on empty buildings doing nothing? see it. we'll see you tonight on "world news." >> look forward to it. and finally look what happens at the world's most prestigious university, oxford
8:03 am
and rocking out to "the harlem shake" and watch seconds later the students joining in and the librarian has been fired for causing such a ruckus. students outraged protesting. they're hoping she gets her job back. that is a cool librarian. give her her job back. >> give her her job back. she loves books. >> she loves that so much. >> respect the library rules. >> shhh. >> can we stop? quiet. >> can we stop with "the harlem shake." >> in pop news -- >> yeah. >> we may have advanced the cause here. i will get there. that's later in "pop news," but we begin today and good morning by the way with this guy. you got to love a kid who goes after his dreams whether it's becoming a pro athlete, getting a dream job or in the case of high school senior jake davidson getting supermodel kate upton to be your prom date by sending her a very charming video invite. take a look. >> kate.
8:04 am
can i call you katie. kate, great moments are born from great opportunity and that is what you have here today. a chance to make a nice guy's senior year the best ever. >> sir. >> thank you. >> kate, we can ride around all night long till 11:00, that's my curfew. >> ah. >> jake goes on to fully admit in the video that he's shorter than kate and can't dance but he does point out their commonalities like "sports illustrated." she poses in it and he reads it. one of the many reasons he tells kate this could be destiny. kate tweeted jake and said "you can call me katie if you want. how could i turn down that video. i'll check my schedule." >> love it. >> that's great. >> that's awesome. >> that would be amazing. >> he has written back to her saying something like omg, omg, omg. i believe he said, kate upton, you are truly incredible. just responding made my year.
8:05 am
thanks so much. ps, hope your schedule is free and we do hope it is, as well. jake, congratulations. >> that's great. >> you know what, if you don't go after your dreams they won't happen. >> go get them. in pop news, forget "the harlem shake." >> thank you. >> starting tomorrow it could be all about the "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom." >> what? >> what. >> i'm going to say it the "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom." ♪ flap-a-waddle-boom-boom flap-a-waddle-boom-boom flap-a-waddle-boom-boom ♪ >> how do you do that "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom"? >> let's do it. you can thank comedian melissa mccarthy and one plucky penguin for the craze viewed on "sesame street" some when melissa mccarthy shares word of the day which is choreographer. the woman can act, and she can dance. you just saw it there. she and elmo join forces with that penguin choreographer to create their new dance. good-bye, "harlem shake." hello, "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom." >> "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom"? i'm in. >> you're in? >> yeah. >> i saw you starting to push back. feel free.
8:06 am
i will forgo the rest of my time. >> doing the "flap-a-waddle-boom-boom." >> and finally we've been talking about this all morning. we love this story. it is the ultimate trash to treasure. a man buys a pretty white bowl at a tag sale. it's like yo big. pays $3 for it. puts it on the mantel and kind of forgets about it. that was 2007, then he gets curious. looks kind of old. decides it's an appraisal day. i should find out how much it's worth. >> stop it. stop it. >> finds out it's worth 300,000. that's what the auctioneer gave him as an estimate. so needless to say he puts that bowl right in the auction. that estimate was a little low. yesterday that 5 1/2-inch round bowl sold at sotheby's for more than $2 million. a $3 tag sale purchase is actually an extremely rare chinese bowl from the northern song dynasty dating back to the 10th or 11th century.
8:07 am
there's only one other like it in the world and lives at the british museum. congratulations. and it was sitting on his mantel and that is why i brake for yard sales. i mean, who's with me? >> you never know. >> who's with me? >> i'm with you. >> we have done it wrong. >> you should be with me saturday morning. >> i'm in. so is sam. we need good weather. >> yeah, let's just go. let's go. let's go buy some pottery. hey, good morning, everybody. we are live in times square. tell me where you guys are from. got some oklahoma city, got some arkansas. where? >> canada. >> canada. >> ft. smith, arkansas. >> ft. smith. >> fayetteville. >> fayetteville. >> jonesboro. >> jonesboro. ma'am, where are you from? >> los angeles. >> los angeles. i'll yell it out for you because i can't get my arm all the way over there. let's get to the boards and one or two things happening we'll share with you. spring is here. yeah, it's right here. it's already here. it may be there where you are but where i'm standing right now we don't feel too much of it but anyway, 7:02 officially in the morning. here's where you've got
8:08 am
spring-like temperatures. look at denl ver at 62 degrees. here's where you don't. that cold air drops into the east and southeast until later this week watch the temperatures dive even into atlanta and washington, d.c. >> go ahead. we're outside in times square and we're just doing a little photo bombing but having a great
8:09 am
day. let's go back inside to -- >> all: lara. >> chilly day but a great one and here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." katie holmes is opening up about life after tom cruise. the career change she could also be about to make. also on the show struggling to be the perfect parent. it's a new aid that has become, well, possibly mommy's little helper. we'll explain. and why it costs this man $45,000 to pop a question. inside the most extreme marriage proposals, all that and more coming up live on "good morning america" from times square. ♪ i wanna marry you "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by coffee-mate. natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. ♪ i'll go get a ring let the choir bells sing ♪ get a ring let the choir bells sing ♪ picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities.
8:10 am
an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and support at ♪ ♪ ♪ proposals, all that and more
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now you be the judge. if i could get everybody's attention. if you would join me in a moment of silence to honor the 577,000 americans who died of cancer this year. you know actually, silence is the last thing that we need. we need to join the american cancer society in their most aggressive assault on cancer yet. two out of three people are surviving cancer. we shouldn't be silent until that's three out of three. let's make some noise. come on. let's finish this fight. ♪ >> look at that.
8:14 am
>> oh. >> you know what, that is so appropriate. we are back now with our "heat index." there's sam. heating up outside. cold out there. it's hot inside. >> the weather. >> we're tracking all of those trends right now and first up, katie holmes, the superstar who is opening up about her plans for the future speaking out about how she feels regarding expanding her family, possibly aging gracefully and whether a career change could be in the works. all of that from abc's diana perez. >> the beauty tips i will pass on to my daughter is to find happiness in everything. >> reporter: famous actress katie holmes shows off her bronzed skin in a sultry photo shoot for the april issue of "allure" magazine and opens up about the past year. >> katie actually had a great attitude about everything that's happened and she was absolutely hilarious and so friendly on the shoot, cracking a lot of jokes and really getting along with everyone so well. >> reporter: while the 34-year-old doesn't talk about
8:15 am
her split from tom cruise with whom she has 6-year-old daughter suri but does talk about expanding her family saying "i don't know. i'm open to it." in addition to her acting career the single mom has been busy creating a mini empire. she's the face of bobbi brown cosmetics and hair care which she owns. >> takes on a different meaning because i feel like why do we have to keep fighting like we're not going to look like we're 25 when we're not. >> reporter: while it's no secret holmes has been blessed with great genes, she's also got the smarts to go wit. rumors are swiring that she may be trading the camera for the courtroom. something she doesn't deny saying "well, my brother and father are attorneys and we'll see. i like the practical thinking of attorneys" and speaking of family she says they make her feel the most beautiful, even naming her mother and grandmother as role models for aging gracefully. >> my grandmother is 89 and she's really happy and she sings
8:16 am
a lot and i think that's very graceful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> she looks great. >> uh-huh. >> also on our "gma" heat index, the pressure on moms to be perfect or as close as we can and something that a lot of women feel from their appearance to their careers and abc's paula faris has been tracking the latest way that some women are coping with that pressure. paula. >> yeah, pressure is an understatement for all of us moms trying to do it all. more than ever are taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds, up 30% in the last decade and now a growing number of mothers admitting that those little helpers are not only helping them but their children. ♪ the pressure to be a perfect mom is everywhere. in magazines where celebrity moms look fabulous. on pinterest where everyday moms appear to be crafting it all. add to that the daily grind of child care. >> momma.
8:17 am
>> reporter: and there's a reason that more and mormons are turning to the new mommy's little helpers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. new mom ann marie lindsay says her daily pill regimen wards off paralyzing panic attacks. >> if i'm not on the meds my mind would race, what if he gets sick? i might have to go in the bathroom and hyper vent late about what if he gets sick. >> reporter: melissa sanchez knows about panic attacks and experienced several after her son was born. what was your darkest moment? >> i just psychically collapsed. >> reporter: reluctantly he agreed with a therapist's recommendation to start taking celexa to calm her nerves. >> after about six weeks i was just back to myself. >> reporter: do you think that your anti-anxiety drug helps you be a better mother? >> oh, absolutely. i relly don't think that i would have been able to continue to function. i mean i think that i might have had to have been admitted somewhere. >> reporter: they're among the growing number of moms who say that taking meds like zoloft and
8:18 am
xanax are selfless gestures intended to give their kids happier childhoods but a february parenting magazine article entitles xanax helps me to be a better mom set off an internet firestorm with some critics calling mothers on antidepressants and xanax pathetic. noting we are using meds to deal with normal sadness. >> does it surprise you that moms more now than ever are depending on a little pill to get through the day? >> it really does not surprise me. >> reporter: michele is a therapist who specializes in mothers and she says medication can be a good thing but only under a doctor's supervision. >> i think mothers should be thinking of it as i'm going through a hard time and i'm going to use medication to get me through this but it shouldn't be a forever kind of idea. >> reporter: ann mcwilliams calls her time on xanax a temporary fix. the mississippi mom and author of mommy needs a xanax went on the medication when full time parenting felt like just too much. >> it did get me over a speed bump.
8:19 am
it helped to remove me from the high pressure feeling. >> reporter: aware of the addictive nature of xanax ann recently weaned herself off the drug but she like anne marie and melissa says no one should judge moms who turn to med indication. >> how can you be a good mom if you don't take care of yourself? >> it helps me a lot to have this medication tool in my toolbox. >> we want to know that all the women profiled in the piece were under a doctor's care when they were professionally prescribed their medications and for more on this now we want to bring in abc's senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton and, jen, i want to ask you how do you know when it's right for you. >> well, listen, this is a very complicated issue, you guys and the question here is are there women who absolutely need to be on medications for anxiety and for depression which can be debilitating? absolutely. are there women at the other end of the spectrum who should not be on these and given as a quick fix by a doctor who doesn't have
8:20 am
time to speak to the patient and find out really what's causing the issues, yes and there's a huge group in the mid. >> so what do women watching right now do? how do you know whether it's postpartum or anxiety and get the help they need. >> try to speak to a trained mental health professional and start with our ob/gyn, if you're given these medications it's not for life. be monitored for side effects. is the dose correct and that is the end point? for parenting we all know this is not about being perfect. it's about raising a child who's prepared to go into the real world. once they see that is not perfect the better off they will be. >> overwhelmed isn't a reason enough. >> that's the daily event in my house. >> exactly, my point t. >> exactly. >> join a support group too. don't feel like you're alone. >> you need to get rid of the significant ma. >> we have one right here, by the way. >> you have a goal in mind, perhaps to know when to start and when to stop. >> don't be afraid to ask for
8:21 am
help. >> dr. jennifer ashton, we thank you for that important information. josh? >> we love, don't we, extreme proposals. we even love marriages here on the show. a few times in times square we've seen it all. and now some grooms are shelling out whoppingly big bucks. hiring proposal planners organizing flash mobs all to pop that question. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: for natalia it was just another date night with her boyfriend josh ogle until -- >> what's going on? >> reporter: -- the music came on. ♪ >> i didn't realize what was happening until i finally grabbed the ring and put it on my finger. >> reporter: shortly after slipping on the ring josh swept his new bride-to-be off in a vintage car to a restaurant where they were wined and dined by a celebrity chef before jetting off to europe for a post-proposal celebration. >> it's very much in my character and i think in our relationship for me to try to do
8:22 am
things that are goofy and clever and catch her by surprise. >> reporter: but now simply getting down on one knee is something from the past. like rendezvous and bollywood flash mobs. ♪ want to be my -- >> reporter: -- are taking over the proposal scene. some like these two couples even hiring film crews to document the engagement. >> with the advent of social media guys are thinking outside of the box. it's no longer a lame dinner proposal but things that are personal and unique to their love story. >> this way described me and who i am. ♪ hey >> like a dream come true for any indian girl. it was bollywood. dancing, music, everything we grew up with. >> i want to marry you. >> reporter: and while these couples can now bank on fond memory, for many it trip to one to pay for it. it costs this man $2,000 to hire a choreographer for his flash mob in times square. as for josh, all in all the
8:23 am
engagement ring, rooftop rental, vintage car rental, celebrity chef dinner and trip to europe cost him a whopping $45,000. that's more than a new car. >> going all out for this proposal, was it worth it? >> the guy usually doesn't have donees of contrtons of control e wedding but we have tons of control over this. >> reporter: despite the steep price tag natalia says that moment was priceless. >> to have that feeling and remember the feeling always i think is more important than just remembering the words, will you marry me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> does raise that bar for everyone. >> like what's the wedding supposed to be like? >> where does it stop? it stops in 15 seconds. he's the high-end fashion designer who is one of the first lady's favorite. here with a look at his
8:24 am
low-price collection everybody can afford coming up on "gma," go nowhere.
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. fire crews put identity a stubborn basis they battled in the delta happening on bethel island. contra costa county officials say three structures have burned on taylor road. the fire started at one home and spread to another which burned for more than five hours. slow commute. sue? >> the bad commute this morning from pleasant hill from 242, southbound, on of -- on 680. we have a crash if vallejo area westbound 37 at the bridge. kristen? >> thanks so much. we will check with m
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> light rain in the south bay up toward fremont and this is moving away in the next half hour or so we light showers moving toward santa rosa again and that area. we will have more scattered showers throughout the forecast, especially this morning and into the early afternoon. it will be dry tonight and all the way through the rest of the forecast and remain warmer,
8:28 am
when you're this sexy, thi when you're this sexy, this cool, this talented where do you go for your first interview after announcing you're going to have your first baby? >> good morning, america. >> tomorrow. >> you know i love me some "gma." >> fergie gets personal and shows you how to look sexy and beautiful too. >> time to get glamorous with me on "good morning america." >> tomorrow on abc. we love ourselves some fergie. a match made in heaven. she's again joining us live right here tomorrow, the mom-to-be doing makeovers, by the way, on some very lucky viewers. and one of those -- one of them could be you if you show up here tomorrow morning. >> wow. >> provided weather permitting, samuel, so -- >> lovely. >> as we look ahead to tomorrow, what a day that will be. george and robin, some hard-earned day off. great to have amy and paula. >> thank you very much. >> and guess who else is with us, the high-end designer who dressed everyone from julianne moore and rachel weisz to first
8:29 am
lady michelle obama. well, now derek lam is here with a low-cost collection, affordable looks for less. we'll show them to you, can't wait for that. >> can't wait for that. can't wait for this. "millionaire matchmaker," i love this show, by the way, she plays cupid for so many on television, patti stanger is here, and you know what, has she fallen in love herself? this has been a big thing on the show so she's here with the new man in her life for their first interview together only here on "gma," and i think we'll put them to the test -- i don't know if they're expecting that. >> if there's anybody i want interviewing sam, it's patti, so i can only hope, you know -- >> you know we love our competition, and you guys know, a diver back n my college days i was excited to watch "splash" last night. it's abc's newest reality show. it's wet, wild, really fun and today we have, well, there she is -- >> nice.
8:30 am
>> keisha knight pulliam. courageous but it was tough. we'll talk to her, the first celebrity eliminated. hey, there she is. keisha. >> hi. >> congratulations. >> i give you a perfect 10 for courage. it's scary up on that platform, isn't it? >> thank you. absolutely. people have no idea. you know, divers make it look so effortless, but it is absolutely a challenge. >> so the critics, the judges were tough on you. were you surprised by that or for you was it more about having the courage to get up there and try? >> you know, for me like anything in life, all you can do is do your best. you can't worry about that which is not in your control or that which isn't anything you can do something differently about. i was happy. i did exactly what, you know, i had worked on and that me and my trainers had worked on and couldn't have asked to have done any better. >> came right down to the wire and at the end of the show it was a dive-off, if you will.
8:31 am
the pressure is so intense. add to it an audience watching, you know you're on tv. i thought you did really well. i actually thought you kind of got robbed. how did you feel when you heard your name called? >> you know, that's kind of been the sentiment that everyone has been echoing. you know, at the end of the day, i did my best, i felt that i did better than a 6. i'm going to be honest. but i have to take what the judges give me and, you know, you just move forward. >> i thought you did great. hey, we only got to see half of the contestants dive last night. who are you rooting for, and what can we expect in the next group next week? >> you know, i just hope that everyone does well, everyone stays healthy. i mean, of course, rory is amazing. he's flipping and turning and doing stuff i can't even imagine, but i just -- i just hope that everyone does well and i guess may the best person or the person who the judges give the best score to wins. >> well said. i hear you.
8:32 am
we thank you so much. it was really fun to watch, and everybody, you can watch round two of "splash" next tuesday, 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. it was fun, right, amy? >> it was. my whole family watched it last night. it was a great show. can't wait for more. all right, derek lam is here with us now. he has dressed some of the hottest stars out there in gorgeous dresses, maybe a little too pricey for most of us, but now he's about to launch a lower-cost line showcasing superstar styles on a budget, and we are so happy to have him here for the broadcast, debut of derek lam's design nation that's exclusively at kohl's. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> everybody is excited about it. you know, there have been amazingly successful collaborations between high-end designers and lower priced retailers. how did yours come about? >> you know, kohl's has a terrific idea to bring designers into the store and, you know, get inspiration by something that's really personal, which is
8:33 am
find your favorite city and, you know, create a collection. >> i know you obviously have the higher priced line that goes into the thousands. you have a moderately priced line and now a lower priced line. why is it important for you to do that? >> you know, i think as a designer you just want to reach a large audience. i think that's important, especially nowadays. >> we want to get to those red carpet looks. >> sure. >> it doesn't launch till april 5th, but we have it exclusively now. first we have this adorable denim dress here on our model but we should mention it was spotted on shay mitchell from "pretty little liars." tell me about the dress. >> i love denim and always use it. in this case i think denim is universal and really hot for spring, so just a really wonderful dress you can run around in and has great attitude. >> i love it. what's better about it, the price. how about we show the price, everybody. we'll reveal it right now. $70. that's great. fantastic. all right. next we have a fitted boat-neck dress. i love this.
8:34 am
this is beautiful, and it was already seen on emmy rossum. tell us about this one. >> right, so i love these kind of bold, graphic prints, lovely color, i mean something that you can wear out with friends or even go to work in. >> i love that dress. yeah, it's great, and the price, we have our model revealing it, as well. $70, that's fantastic. all right, and next we have a great spring maxi dress. the maxi dress is back in. >> yes. >> it was already seen on broadway and "smash" star megan hilty. tell me about this dress. >> well, every print that i've done has a back story. my trip to rio, so this is an idea of taking a really bold, graphic print from graffiti and interpreting it for, you know, a really sexy, wonderful dress. >> i love the colors. can anyone wear the maxi dress? do you have to be tall? >> i don't think you have to be tall. it's all about the height of the shoe.
8:35 am
that's the key thing and the attitude. >> it's always about the attitude, right? i think you'll be feeling confident in this dress when you see how much it costs. let's reveal the price of this dress now. 88 bucks. i love that. all right, thank you very much, and next we have a tab colored tunic. it's a bold design and you paired it with your slant pocket pants. blake lively, she spotted this look and put it with shorts. tell me about it. >> again, it's this wonderful sense of color, boldness, graphic. i loved how you could wear it with shorts but in this case this kind of electric blue trouser. >> i love it and this is like all ages, that's what is so fantastic about it. this isn't just for a younger audience. this is -- anyone can pull this off. >> it's about versatility and having fun with fashion. >> i love it, so let's see how much this fun fashion costs. 102. is that for the whole outfit? >> that's for the whole outfit. >> for the tunic and pants and bring everybody up. these are all fantastic designs. thank you very much, derek. >> my pleasure.
8:36 am
>> we appreciate it. to find out where you can get these looks and more, go to on yahoo! and we will also have an exclusive bonus look on "gma live." we're excited about that. out to sam for a final check of the weather. sam, it's going to be spring soon. >> i know, amy. let's see if we can find spring-like temperatures so you can sport your derek lam. let's get to the boards, show you what's happening. how about a shot from cleveland, tennessee, where the trees are actually in bloom, and some temperatures are actually feeling pretty good this morning. and then a little massachusetts, townsend, mass, a little snow still on the ground there. not too long ago the snow was still flying. here's that area of low pressure that's kind of pushing its way back up into canada. has got that cold air blowing across the lakes. there's more lake-effect snow today. we've already picked up, what, 13 inches of new lake-effect snow in some locations overnight last night. there's some snow in the western mountains, as well. aspen is getting new snow. pierre, south dakota, is getting some new snow. kansas city, you're right on the line as it travels to branson the next 48 hours away and becomes a new snowmaker that moves across the country and
8:37 am
we'll be following that, as well. atlanta is 59 today but there's some cold air moving south for the day over the next 48 hours. dallas is at 69. dallas/ft. worth coming in at about 69 degrees as we say today and phoenix at about 86. >> at we >> all that weather was brought to you by big lots. amy? >> all right, sam, thanks so much. and coming up, how tv's most famous matchmaker found her perfect match. famous matchmaker found her perfect match. ♪ys of walking
8:38 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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♪ >> look at her. >> welcome back, everybody. good morning, america, just sitting here chatting here with tv's most famous matchmaker. can't get enough of watch patti stanger help others find love for others on her show "millionaire matchmaker." last night she introduced us to the new man in her life, david krause. we'll talk to them in their first live interview ever together but first a look at their story. >> love, everyone wants it, but not everyone finds it. that's my job. >> patti stanger is known for setting up well-to-do singles on her hit reality show "the millionaire matchmaker" all with a heavy dose of straight talk and tough love.
8:41 am
>> meet my millionaire! >> with a little tough love -- >> are you kidding me? >> -- a lot of patience. >> yawn. >> -- and an eye for the right chemistry, i make the perfect match. >> reporter: she could do it for others but true love had eluded patti until now. last night she revealed she finally met her own match. >> i met this amazing guy david, he's 42. he's a dad. he's got kids. >> reporter: patti found mortgage broker and former baseball player david krause online, and they've been dating for nearly a year and last night she finally let her audience in on her little secret. >> i felt like going to online dating and registered. >> reporter: the best part, patti's new love had no idea who she was when they started dating. it wasn't until she knew he was really interested in her that she revealed who she really was. >> who would spend this kind of money on me? >> everybody loves a love story and welcome the millionaire
8:42 am
matchmaker patti stanger and her boyfriend david krause. welcome to "good morning america." >> thanks. >> thanks for having us. >> i love this story because you've helped so many people. >> thank you. >> and you look very, very happy. >> oh, thanks. thank you. thank you. >> dating now for about a year. >> uh-huh. >> right, last spring. >> last spring. >> and there are a lot of reports that say there is very exciting news. >> well, okay, first of all, i know the report is that we're engaged. we're not engaged yet but maybe you watch the finale and you'll see something. >> oh. >> there's no ring. i have a promise ring. i have a promise ring. >> that's nice. >> because we moved in pretty soon, right, so that was the reason why, yeah. >> i want to ask you, david, you did not know about patti's job and life when you met her. so how was that adjusting? >> that was just so -- it was so crazy because i've never experienced anything like it before in my life. on our second date, we went to the getty museum in los angeles, and we were having a great time and suddenly -- and soon these people started asking for her --
8:43 am
to take pictures with her. what is going on here? this is the oddest thing, and i didn't ask any questions because i figured she'd let me know when she was ready. >> right. >> and then that night i raced home and googled, what's going on? >> who am i dating? >> you've got to be kidding me. >> was it a bit of an adjustment for you? did it sort of set you back like this is the millionaire matchmaker? >> i felt like such a moron for not knowing who she was. i remember calling her the next day, god, i feel like such a fool. >> i don't think any need. >> his 14-year-old daughter kind of helped him, though. i mean, she knew who i was on the radar and he kept saying are you really like that in real life? do you really scream and yell at people. >> is she the same person you see on tv? >> oh, well, that's like -- >> every now and then. sort of lurking in there. >> you know, always good to be real, right? >> think of it like a pilot light, you know, if it gets -- >> it might get hot. like you don't have a temper.
8:44 am
>> i thought it was interesting, patti, that you chose to meet online. >> yes. oh, so the reason was is i would have -- one of the steps was to date online and i'm friends with jenny mccarthy and ricki lake and they had both done this and they said, listen, i didn't meet the one but i had a great time. and i'm like, you get older in life and you're like where do i meet people anymore? everybody is hooked up and there wasn't that many catches like in l.a. and so i got to expand my net and i expanded it to orange county. for me that's a big deal. >> okay, part of why it's working is that you both want the same things, both have the same deal breakers. we'll find out how well it's working with a little game we like to call "perfect match." are you ready? >> oh, my god. >> we're going to ask a question, and before the show we asked you these questions and we'll find out how well you know each other. we begin with patti. you get the first question. what is david's favorite food? >> oh, ice cream. >> any specifics? >> oh, i don't -- do you have a specific flavor? vanilla is his favorite flavor. >> answer.
8:45 am
it is, in fact, vanilla. nicely done. i was just saying, you're the matchmaker. >> he's a yogurt boy so i was thrown off by that. >> david, is patti an early bird or night owl? >> oh, easy question, night owl. >> and the answer is -- >> da, da, da, da. >> one more. patti, what is the craziest thing you have done together? keep it clean. >> skinny-dipping in miami. >> and the answer is -- >> that is -- >> i'm thinking this is going to work. i think the millionaire matchmaker has found another match. >> thank you very much. >> we will be watching that finale. what a tease. check it out on bravo "millionaire matchmaker." go to on ya into and get patti's tips on how to avoid the top five mistakes people make on first dates. coming up, the battle is about to begin inside the high-stakes world of "property wars." ♪ let me know and i'll take you there ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back with an inside look at "property wars." hit reality show that turns the high-stakes battle of buying and selling homes in foreclosure into something of a spectator sport. our cameron mathison has more. >> go to 227. >> reporter: they're the hot shot rivalries of home buyers. >> let's see who the real man is. >> bring it on. >> reporter: who fight tooth and nail for the best deal. >> this is dollar signs right here. >> reporter: and often find themselves in the oddest set in ings. >> chickens. >> holy crap. >> reporter: these aggressive buyers are the stars of discovery's "property wars" where the battlefield is the phoenix, arizona, foreclosure market. auctions for underwater homes is their gold rush which makes these bidding wars fierce. >> 51,000. let's go. >> go to 231. >> reporter: ed and steve, ed and lou. >> we don't take crap from anyone. >> reporter: and the kingpin, doug. >> i'm competitive as hell.
8:49 am
>> reporter: inside the war zone we found out what really goes on behind the cameras. >> i need to go 119,700 on it. >> check it out. >> reporter: i rode along on one of his drive-byes. that's step number one in the process. scoping out a house on the auction list, the tricky bart is -- >> it's organized chaos. >> reporter: it's buying practically sight unseen and can only inspect the exterior. >> the outside of the house is going to be a good clue as to how the inlook looks. this is it. >> reporter: my first impression looks pretty good. >> first impression is not bad at all. >> reporter: a little investigating. and it's clear this one is a winner, but not all have been. >> one of the worst ones i bought played on the show. >> oh, my god. >> it was an old pot house. you would not have known it from the outside. oh, yeah. don't ever talk about my daughter. >> reporter: and the personal conflict of the show. >> i swear to god i will beat your frickin --
8:50 am
>> i'm on my way to meet with scott. >> can't stand the guy. >> yeah. he a complete jerk. >> reporter: it was off to meet his rivals scott and lou at a house they already bought. yes, scott, we got it baby. >> reporter: but have never seen the inside of. that's step two, the reveal. this is the moment. >> this is the moment. >> this is the moment we all wait for. >> let's do this. you got the key, buddy. >> of course would i come without a key. >> fun and games. okay, get down, get down. >> reporter: but it is all serious business. >> we'll make about 35,000. >> pretty happy with it. >> reporter: and is it just friendly competition? >> he's a pig in my opinion. he's a slob, a pig. he's an animal. >> reporter: and my last stop to see the hen on two wheel, ed and steve in the final step of the process, fixing up the homes. >> we're converting the carports in the garages age moving the water heater and washer and dryer out to the garage. >> reporter: the competition is as intense as the desert heat.
8:51 am
why can't we all just get along? >> just get rid of some. >> reporter: as they all gambled their way to the winging house. >> hallelujah! >> uh-huh. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, phoenix, arizona. >> thank you, cam. "property wars" airs thursdays on the discovery channel and we
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> all right, tomorrow right here on "gma," fergie live. doing some makeovers, by the way, on some lucky viewers. one could be you. get down here early. >> get your coffee cup. join us on and "gma live" in just a few minutes.
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8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news, good good morning, starting today santa cruz county stores are charging 25 cents for paper bags, banning plastic last year and charge 10 cents if each paper bag but increased it to get shoppers to bring their own bags to improve the environment. >> now mike. where are the showers? >> live doppler 7 hd show showers in the north bay but well have scattered showers throughout the morning hours and in the afternoon hours, temperatures are in the 50's to 60 and it will be dry starting tomorrow. sue? >> 80 westbound, an accident on the shoulder here. we are seeing bunching up where 580 merges and heavy traffic to the bay bridge and san mateo bridge, reports of an accident eastbound at the toll plaza but not too much slowing in hayward
8:58 am
area and an accident in cupertino, 280, that also, cleared to the side of th announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, "les mis" star hugh jackman, and oscar-winner jennifer lawrence. plus, everything you need to get a good night's sleep. all next on the emmy ward-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: march on in there.
8:59 am
kelly: thank you. thank you. hi! hi! hello. hello. hey, everybody, happy first day of spring! michael: yes. [applause] wednesday, march 20, 2013, it officially began at 2:02 this morning. michael: so 7:02 was the first day of spring. kelly: so every day is going to get a little bit longer and a little bit longer and a little bit longer. [applause] until the summer solstice and then it gets a little bit shorter and a little bit shorter. i love like those long days when you leave and you, you know, you take the kids to the movies and you leave at night and it's still light out. it's the most exciting thing. michael: exactly. but it's hard to explain to your kids why they've got to go to bed when it's still light out. kelly: i know. michael: because i saido.


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